The beauty of managed C++

Posted on:November 28 2005

Yes, I posted a lot of technical stuff, recently. Sorry. Maybe this is the last one. :) Take a look at this beautiful piece of code:
float GetFloats() __gc[]
float f __gc[] = new float __gc [Count];
System::Write("size:{0}", __box(Count) );
return f;
Did you say something? I only heard __gc blabla __gc blabla __box. :-)
And another thing, which makes me love this language:
cl : Command line error D8016 :
'/docDebug\' and '/clr:oldsyntax' command-line options are
Oh come on!


'/clr:oldsyntax' :-) - you should try the 'new' syntax ;-) - we have already ported our mixed dll to the new syntax, cause one never knows when M$ will call the 'old' syntax *obsolete*...

Seems that someone at M$ went mad - using ^ and % is more than heretical (C++ guys should know what I mean)...
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-11-29 00:49:00

Just stick with regular C++ and forget about managed anything or .NET. What advantages does it really provide you? C/C++ is going nowhere, have been THE programming languages and will be for a long time from now.
2005-11-29 14:21:00

Maybe I'll switch to C++/CLI when I've got the full version of VC. Why managed C++? Because I need to write a .NET binding :)
2005-11-29 22:04:00

Agree with Spintz.. .net goes against cross platform ethos, and is an annoying concession to those who want an "easier" life at the expense of distribution problems and proprietry languages..
2005-11-29 23:08:00

Oh and Niko - I am sure you could put up a donation page on Irrlicht site to raise the funds to buy the full version of VC/Studio. You should get it in no time with the amount of goodwill towards your engine. :)
2005-11-29 23:09:00

"Maybe I’ll switch to C++/CLI when I’ve got the full version of VC."

Aeh, Niko, did I read it correctly? ...are you talking about Irrlicht or the Wrapper?
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-11-30 01:30:00

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