How to start a successful Youtube channel

Posted on:May 30 2022

Starting a successful new youtube channel without help isn't easy today: Everyone and their mom wants to be a youtuber now.
Not only is there so much competition, but the bar what people expect now has risen significantly in the recent years.

Nevertheless, I've helped starting a youtube channel in the end of 2021 and we went from 0 to monetized (=1000 subscribers, 4000 hours watched) within just 3 months. Here are the steps I took in order to do it. Maybe this helps you to create your own channel as well:

Interesting content

This might seem obvious, but a lot of people on various forums don't seem to get it: You content needs to be good. People watch and subscribe to your channel only if you have some good, interesting and unique content. Pick a niche, and think about what content you can produce in order to make people want to see more of it, regularily.
I think this really is the most important point and it can be overlooked. If you have the 100.001ths gaming channel, what does it differently than the 100.000 other ones?

Good name

If you want to grow quickly, pick a good channel name. Naming is hard, but it is important: Nobody knows you in the beginning, and it is a good idea to let people know from your name alone what your channel is aboout. "Niko's Channel" isn't a good name, but for example "Niko is gaming" would be better.

Good description

On the about page, write down in about 10 sentences what your channel is about. Be sure to mention some keywords your audience is looking for on your channel. I'm not sure this helped, but I suspect it did help to direct youtube's algorithm to recommend the channel to the right people.

Improve your content

It's difficult at the start, but try to create good videos. Our first videos weren't great, but we improved quite a bit with every new try. As game developer a new published video feels exactly like a game release. But instead having a release every 2 years, you can have one release twice a week. It's a hit or miss, sometimes it works nicely, sometimes people or the algorithm doesn't like your content. But you have a chance to learn from this quickly and make it better with the next upload. Use the built-in analytics and learn from it. What people are watching? When do they stop? What do the comment? Listen to all feedback you can get.

Consistent upload schedule

One thing which I think is underestimated is having a consistent upload schedule: When your first subscribers can regularily watch your channel, they expect more content regularily. If you dont give them something to watch, they will forget you soon, and the algorithm apparently will stop showing your videos to more people. So having regular new videos appears to be important.
Depending on your type of channel, this should be once or twice a week. Some people even upload videos every day, but for me, that would be quite a lot work and quality would probably suffer from it.

I think you can find most of these tips on the internet, but you can also find a lot of misdirecting advice. These tips here are the ones which I think helped me the most starting the channel and making it successful. Hope it might be useful to you, too.


Short but good list. What software are you using for editing videos?
2022-05-30 08:45:23

I tried a few and now use DaVinci Resolve. It's quite good.
2022-05-30 08:50:57

2022-05-30 08:59:09

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