Chasing the algorithm - how to run a successful project today

Posted on:December 14 2021

In order to be successful with a project today - no matter if you are creating software, games, websites, music, images, poets, art or whatever, today, you need to chase the blackbox which is the algorithm of the related platform. And it gets more difficult ever year.

  • Create software? - find a way not to drown in the massive amount of other apps posted daily on Google Play, Apple's App store and others.
  • Make videos? - have fun with Youtube's search, recommendation and tagging system. It also changes about every two weeks.
  • Have a Website? - the game here is called SEO. And there are thousands of people how are likely playing the game better than you.
  • Want to tweet something important? - better know when the exact moment is with the exact right tags and keywords
  • Create a game? - have fun getting tons of people interested in your game even before you have something to show with the exact right images, texts, videos and social platform posts - combining all these above together

Creators today are all depending on invisible rules upheld by Youtube, Google, Apple, TikTok, Reddit and others. You need to try to figure out what each platform wants and give it exactly that. But not only the algorithm behind the platform, also its users. Of course, nowhere is written what that is exactly, and additionally, the rules change constantly.

You are at the mercy of the creators of these platforms. Have you finally figured out how it works? The platform unfortunately changed its algorithm again, and now your competitors are shown when people search for your project. Happens.

And, there is one way out: Pay to win. Of course, it only works for the people with the deep pockets. This is possible on most of these platforms. You can buy to get listed on top on the website and app search engines, and buy Marketing to get more wishlists, better rankings and so on.

It's quite a bit frustrating to get all this right. Especially if you finally found how it works, only for it to stop working a few months later again. But this is how it works today.

This article likely didn't get you a lot of insights. Sorry. But it served me well for venting a bit of my frustration. Well, let's start up the keyword tool and find what I'll be working on today.


You forgot Facebook. Elephant in the room.
2021-12-14 09:46:22

Exactly what I was thinking when I turned my PC on this morning. I want back the good old days.
2021-12-14 10:44:41

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