RocketCake 2.1 and SFTP bureaucracy

Posted on:August 28 2018

I just released RocketCake 2.1, that's the free responsive website builder I am developing.

It now has support for SFTP, which it can use when the "publish to internet" button is used. It then automatically uploads your website (or the changed items) to your server with one click.
It was quite a lot of work to make it possible so that people can write sftp:// instead of ftp://. A lot of work for just one character difference. :)

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bureaucracy related to the US law for crypto exports. RocketCake is a free app, and I don't have the time to jump through all that bullshit, so RocketCake on the Mac App Store simply doesn't support the SFTP feature for now. I think it isn't worth this. If you want SFTP support, you can still use the version from the website instead.


Nice :)
2018-08-28 20:57:00

I have nothing but respect for your work. Thanks for sharing!
2018-08-30 00:08:00

Very nice! Just curious, what was then the bulk of work to add sftp then? the addittion of an ssh-type client? I would expect there are some nice libraries that do most of the heavy lifting, or am i wrong in that assumption?
2018-08-30 13:32:00

The problem was to make it run the same, cross-platform on Windows and MacOs, and make it work even with the new crypto algos on ancient verions of both Windows and Mac without adding dependencies. So baiscially figuring out which libs to add and how to build them.
2018-08-31 07:04:00

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