Posted on:May 15 2018

There is this small simple multiplayer browser game which I am playing from time to time during a break or when waiting for a build to finish: Airmash. It looks like this:

I noticed that a surprising amount of the players on there are developers, too. I can also recommend this game for resetting your brain again when facing a problem, works surprisingly well.
I'm not sure what the business model of this is, though.


I just gave it a try and found no players. Then a “special round occurred with two silent players. I think they were bots, based off their slightly predictable play patterns and the fact they wouldn’t chat. I really don’t like it when a game isn’t up front about what players are or are not.

I’ll try the game another time, hopefully catch some players. Albeit I’ll be at a big disadvantage, given the server-sided physics and my Australian ping :P
2018-05-16 01:34:00

(Message in display name, as this part of the comment body appears to be invisible at the moment. Site breakage?)
Comments not wor
2018-05-16 01:36:00

It was the quotes causing your comment to be disabled for a short time, sorry for that. :)

Note that there are different servers, you can switch them, usually there are always around 20 players active when I play.
2018-05-16 07:40:00

Destroyed by irrlicht ;-)
2018-05-16 13:03:00

I've been practicing by using CopperLicht without the editor. It's so beautiful. I'm very grateful that you share it. I realized that I can't focus on it with background sounds, especially human voices, so I've been researching professional ear muffs that officers use at shooting ranges. If they can soften the sounds of bullets, they should definitely block the sounds of voices!

I also cannot enjoy games with background sounds. I only play them when my environment is silent. I've recently started disabling voices in games, and I eventually disable all sounds, including music, except the parts that are necessary for the gameplay, like the beeps that signal the completion of objectives.

I want to know how dramatically my productivity with CopperLicht will imorove with the sound problem solved.
wild master
2018-05-18 14:18:00

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