Generated Furniture vs. Placed Models

Posted on:February 21 2017

In PostCollapse, the world is generated procedurally, including the furniture inside the houses. For simplicity, I simply generated cubes with some textures on them, which looked a bit like cupboards:

But to be honest, this didn't look and feel very good. So last weekend, I played a bit around and changed this with placed pregenerated 3D models instead. Now the interiours of the houses will look much better (for small values of 'better'):

The two screenshots are from the exact same room. I think I'll be able to live with that. I'll improve this still a bit, and then this will be included in the next update of the game.


Nice! But will be awesome if some features like inventory can be make in CopperCube, but without programming...
rolevix (Vitaliy
2017-02-21 18:02:00

Looks cozy inside now. Add a rainstorm outside and it might be even more cozy.
2017-02-22 14:51:00

I tried irredit 10 years ago. And my difficulty is I can't perceive depth. I can't remember why because it was long ago. I forgot if it is because of lighting or transformation and I can't perceive depth. But loading the output to irrlicht does not have this problem.

Is it so much better now with CopperCube?
2017-02-24 07:14:00

Since I can perceive depth, this is difficult to tell for me. Best would be to just try it out? Would have probably taken as long as writing that comment :D
2017-02-25 03:59:00

@Mishelle Sounds like it was set to orthographic instead of perspective.
2017-02-26 13:08:00

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