Killing rumors

Posted on:October 14 2005

As reader of this blog, you've maybe seen this topic already some times. I don't know why and how, but from time to time rumors are spreading that I'm going to stop the development of Irrlicht, and it looks like this time has come again. I'm getting mails and people are asking in the forum: Is Niko stopping Irrlicht development? My answer: No. Not at all!
Some people for example currently argue that because I am working in a game development company I'm not interested in Irrlicht anymore. The truth: I'm working for a company named Altova, it doesn't do anything with games or graphics. And even if it would, this would be no problem at all, I've released lots of versions of Irrlicht when I was working in the game industry. Ok?
To summarize: No, I'm not going to stop Irrlicht. I need to add a new FAQ entry or something.


On the development page you state that you plan to set up a subversion server. Does this mean irrlicht development will open up some more now even if irrlicht isn't at 1.0?
Dan Silverman
2005-10-15 08:54:00

yep, this was my plan
2005-10-15 11:38:00

Altova? Nice! I am using XML Spy for designing our File Formats of our RPG :-) ...

"...was my plan" - was? - what are your current plans ;) ?
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-10-15 12:31:00

I am currently looking into developing a large sandbox style urban game with Irrlicht and I was wondering if you are working [or have allready put out] an editing environment where you could visually see the game environment, level/mission building information, GUI generation templating, model/skin placement/orientation editing, in a working environment simaller to say discreet 3ds max, or even better [simple is allways better] Milkshape 3d...

I know that's alot to read, and possibly ask for, but as a visual artist building a unique game from the bottom up, I have found the only roadblock in using your engine is compiling the things I want. Since I am not a computer tech grad of any kind, just very computer savy, I find compiling and debugging programs to be a horrible consumer of my ptrecious creative time... could an Irrlicht Developers Suite with a built in compiler be at all possible in the near future? [please say yes, I love your engine!]

(If you would like more information on the game I have planned email me some questions and I'll gladly tell you some of my secrets :P)
waylon mccann
2005-10-16 20:43:00

@waylon mccann. This is not the website for questions directly about the irrlicht engine (Which by the way is not a game engine but rather a graphics engine.) Check the fourm at for a slew of questions which are almost identical to the one you just ask.
2005-10-17 03:14:00

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