Dynamic Day-Night Cycles for CopperCube

Posted on:April 26 2016

A small new feature for the upcoming free update of CopperCube will be support for dynamic day-night cycles:

There will be a new open source / extensible behavior written in JavaScript for doing this, as well as an improved scripting API making this possible if you want to do this yourself. The existing implementation has been copied from my PostCollapse game, but it should be able to customize it easily.
I think this will open the possibility to create a lot more interesting games.


Visually, I would say that this "red" morning thing is too uniformly, richly red. Looks like someone turned on a red lamp, not like a morning.
2016-04-26 21:42:00

Well, you can change the colors if you don't like those above, of course.
2016-04-27 01:07:00

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