Credit card necessary to view game screenshots

Posted on:October 13 2005

Want to see some screenshots of Quake 4? Then show me your credit card. This is what Activision does:

Ok, but what did you expect from a website which prints this if you visit it using Opera: "To view this site, download the lastest version of your browser (IE or Netscape)". This is just like the popular "optimized for IE 4 and better" text, which should be replaced by "Hiring new web developer".


you know, on this side of the planet it's not that common to have a creditcard... well i'm sure you know as we live on the same side of it :)
2005-10-13 18:29:00

Perhaps the pictures are rated *splatter* 18+.
But that IE thing is a peace of **** (rated 18+ too :P)
2005-10-13 19:30:00

W3C should invent a meta tag that says "no kids" to shift the burden of censorship to browser developers
2005-10-13 19:44:00

Hm, Internet Explorer ... have you read this?
2005-10-13 20:02:00

Credit Cards? ...are these Items still around? Never saw a Credit Card again since my Bank has cut my last card into pieces ;) ...

@bitplane: W3C should invent a meta tag that says "no IE" and IE will stop loading such a page ;) ...
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-10-13 22:19:00

Yeah pretty silly asking for CC, annoying thing is they want you to
enter a CC for each section, screenshots: enter CC, story: enter CC, overview: enter CC, trailer: enter CC... Kinda tiresome!
If you go to the official site all they ask for is birthdate and you get about the same stuff.
2005-10-14 06:16:00

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