Opera 8

Posted on:April 21 2005

Yay, finally! Opera 8 is there! Downloaded it, tried it out and deleted firefox immediately. Subjective feeling: It is about 3 times faster than firefox. How I missed that transfer window. And its cool status display. And it now even includes a rss reader which is a lot nicer than the default firefox reader. And no matter what you say, it looks cool:

[BTW: Yes, I had some fun making that screenshot if you see what I mean ;)]
I think I'm going to support Opera and buy it.


You want to by Opera? Some billions EUR left?

btw: We want to see that blog voting again!!
2005-04-21 14:54:00

I saw something about that last night and didn't think much about it as Opera is hardly my favorite browser.

You can get a license for Opera sponsored by c't, a German magazine. Use code: OJD000MN


Yes... a German magazine, shame on you Niko for not being a subscriber. From what I remember, it's like the magazine we have here called "Maximum PC".
2005-04-21 21:58:00

I downloaded it, it seems cool the GUI is alittle harder to play with but it is fast.
2005-04-22 06:00:00

wow, did not believe it at first, then i tried it too. its really fast, easy to use and feature packed.

but two important features from the mozilla world are missing for me:
* multiple identities for one mail account (sad, because imap with tbird is a little buggy sometimes)
* live bookmarks (tough the opera rss reader is much more sophisticated, i would miss the fast browsing an directly jumping to a story using live bookmarks in my link-toolbar)
2005-04-22 16:20:00

"BTW: Yes, I had some fun making that screenshot if you see what I mean" It's recursive! You must have found a way to upload the screenshot and refresh your browser while making the screenshot! Awesome. ;)
2005-04-25 12:30:00

hehe :) I should have scrolled down a bit so that the image shot would visible too. And about the C't: I'm not a subscriber to it, but I am planning this since about one year, I should really do this sometime now :)
2005-04-25 13:13:00

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