Ambiera 2015 software development progress review

Posted on:December 25 2015

The year 2015 was quite eventful for me, both for the private and the business side of my life. Here is a short overview what I did in the latter part, in 2015:

I created numerous free updates of CopperCube, my flagship software product. Including the addition of realistic realtime 3d water, fog, and improvements of the WebGL renderer.

I programmed and launched a new website editor for creating responsive websites, and named it RocketCake. I risked the experiment and made if free. And People seem to love it!

We launched CopperCube on Steam, which was a first time for me. It was interesting to discover Steam from the developer side as well, as opposed to only as gamer, before.

I launched a first, playable version of my post apocalyptic survival simulator game, 'Endtime at Home'. Lots of stuff already works, and I'm proud that the world is 100% procedurally generated. The game is apparently interesting so far, and so a few people already bought it :)

I'm pretty fine with my progress so far. Income is ok, and I like the new products and updates I created, and best: My customers seem to like them as well.

What's next
I hope to get more to people know of the existence of my new game and the new responsive website builder. This is the part where I usually suck at: Marketing. But let's see what 2016 will bring.


I would be interested to know more about your business model.
2015-12-25 13:08:00

What do you mean? It's simple: create software and sell it. :)
2015-12-25 16:46:00

Great work through out the year, with good quality products. Best of Luck for 2016 :)
2015-12-26 02:05:00

I mean, how much did you invest ? Did you have some contracts to earn money ? Is selling your software enough to cover all your expenses ?
It's a difficult task to start a company ! You seem to made it successfully, i'd like to know if selling software is still something valuable when you have so much free software available today.
2015-12-26 17:35:00

Since you are not the first one to ask, I've now scheduled a blog post covering this topic for next week. Hope to answer your question then with that. :)
2015-12-27 08:37:00

I guess im not the only one interested by this topic. À blog post is a great idea ! Thanks.
2015-12-27 19:56:00

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