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Posted on:May 07 2015

So, CopperCube is now available on Steam:

It was quite an interesting journey until there, and also interesting seeing Steam from 'the other side', as developer, opposed to previously, as gamer. I may not talk about any details, but I definitely expected something a bit different. :)

CopperCube has a launch discount of -20% applied to it on Steam, which still works until tomorrow, Friday 8th of May. To be fair, I also made this discount available to the non-Steam from our website, which you can get here.

I'll see in the next few weeks if and how much more money this will bring in, and adjust our development plans accordingly: If possible, I'd like to invest much more resources into developing CopperCube further. Let's see if this is possible now.


Hi Niko,

Congratulations with the Steam launch!

We have also put our own project on Steam ( and are curious how much time it took to get Coppercube on Steam.


2015-05-18 08:28:00

You mean you put it on steam greenlight? It took about 5 months, I think. But I think it usually is quicker, from what I read. Good luck!
2015-05-19 14:56:00


Yes V-Packer is now on Steam Greenlight. 5 months? Then we have some time left :)
2015-05-20 07:22:00

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