Heating, Energy, Zubadan and Me

Posted on:January 10 2015

I create software for a living, which is a rather clean and environment friendly business. But because of this climate change and earth destroying stuff going on, I recently thought it might be still a good idea to be more eco-friendly. So I made a few changes:

The first step was to switch our energy provider, which just needed 5 minutes of my time on a website. For a few weeks now, my office has been powered by 100% clean hydro-electric engery, and I pay even less for my power now.

The second step was to rip out the old oil-fired heating, and replace it with this monster:

(I took this picture last week, when we had a lot of snow)

It is a Mitsubishi Zubadan air-to-water heat pump, which now heats our building. Basically, it gets the heat from the air and sends it into your heating system. This concept is rather new for many people, and I was also a bit skeptical. I didn't really think that this would work also on very cold days, but we had a pretty cold last week (-9 °C Celsius = 15.4 Fahrenheit), and it provided 60°C hot water without a problem. In addition, although the power usage went up on that day, the costs still were lower than what our old oil heating system would have used:

(Note: The power needed shown is the one of the full house, not only the heating system)

Right now, I really love the system. Less costs, cleaner energy, no need to buy refills and the like, quite a Win-Win-Win situation.
And basically, now our heating and power is generated fully by water power. It is a quite nice feeling.


Their website writes it operates up to -15, so you should be safe. Interesting.
2015-01-10 16:15:00

Yes, and it seems to switch to 100% electric mode for temperatures below that, so in any case, it should work.
2015-01-11 06:56:00

Our neighbors got one, they complain about the need for electric energy and another strange sideproblem:
Their system sucks the heat out of the earth under their lawn, which has killed it last winter.

So i wish you the best of luck :D
2015-02-04 15:43:00

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