Growing in confidence

Posted on:September 28 2005

I'm just growing a bit in self-confidence. Here is why: During the last years, I did several interviews with magazines and websites (Examples: O'Reilly, Developia). But not a lot of them really got published, at least not that I know of. And I thought it was because my answers were silly, made no sense, and my english was extremely bad. But I just saw that maybe I'm not the only one with this where-is-my-interview problem. Phew.
Ahyes, and how difficult is this: Graphics Engine <-> Game Engine. Not the same. At all.


Yeah, that sounds absolutely crappy. I would go and slap those interviewers ... lol. Maybe they just can't figure out what a Graphics Engine is since most people have just been overloaded with Game Engines as of recent. Unreal, Doom, Quake, etc...etc... This is all they hear about, they need to really learn some stuff and maybe they'll be able to understand the concept of a graphics engine.
2005-09-29 14:34:00

Pah! Self-confidence! No one interviews me! Or all of us other mortals.
2005-10-01 14:33:00

lxguy : thats why we have the voices in our head, they can interview us all they want hahaha. but i agree, u were interviewed , thats still gotta put some confidence in ya lol.
2005-10-02 00:11:00

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