New Mind Map Editor

Posted on:February 26 2014

A few months ago, I was experimenting a bit, and tried to write a graphical shader editor. Then, after I noticed that it sucked, I transformed it to be a graphical programming editor, in order to create complex scripts without programming. Also this one sucked: For programming, it is still best to write everything down in text. You need a huge diagram just to represent a few lines of code, for example a for-loop with a few ifs attached. Also, it is very inflexible, when you try to change something in the algorithm you want to describe.
Anyway, now I had this editor thing, had decided that it wasn't worth adding it into the game engine editor, but what should I do with all this? It was a lot of work, and it would have been a pity to just throw it away. So I transformed it again a little bit, and - voilà - I present you MindArchitect, a free mind map editor for Mac OS X and Windows:

It has many features, and is free for small and mid-sized mind maps. If you need to create huge mind maps, you can buy it, if you like.
Hope you like it. If you try it, any feedback is welcome. You can download it from here.

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