Happy new year

Posted on:January 05 2014

I just rebuild the database of this blog (which is just a collection of 980 plain text files, interestingly), and noticed how long I am blogging already. I've posted more than 1400 blog posts on this blog already. I'm now blogging for 8 years on irrlicht3d.org, but before, I did this for a couple of years on my now deceased domain code3d.com, meaning I'm blogging now since about 10 years. And even before that, before the term 'blog' wasn't even used at all, I used to write game development logs in german on my other domains, which I also still don't own anymore (irrlicht.net was one of them, as far as I remember). I know, recently, I slowed down a bit, and I don't think I post only interesting stuff, but I'm not planning to stop here. Blogging really is fun, and sometimes it serves as a nice valve, although I basically stopped posting political stuff on here, because readers kept on criticizing me heavily for that.


I started reading you blog from 2006. I read every entry till 2009, and I even saved your all posts in 2009. I like your blog a lot. There a lot of gems dispersed in between. I liked your programming tips posts very much (not much these days). Keep blogging. Your blog has given me lot of enjoyment :)
Kinjal Kishor
2014-01-06 14:02:00

2014-01-06 15:50:00

Thank You for a wonderful blog. It has been a good time reading your thoughts :)
Kinjal Kishor
2014-01-07 15:21:00

Also irrlicht, ogre and quake 3, unreal tournament got me started on my own game engine too.
Kinjal Kishor
2014-01-07 15:24:00

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