CopperCube 4.3 and CopperLicht 1.7 released

Posted on:November 20 2013

Although I had some troubles with Internet Explorer 11's WebGL support - and I think it still has some bugs but I reported them to Microsoft - most of the features in CopperCube and CopperLicht now work nicely in that browser. That means WebGL is now a real, useful thing, it works in all major browsers.
Apart from this great news, I'm a bit proud of one tiny new feature in CopperCube, which probably won't even get noticed too much: I added an integrated web server into the editor. When you click "test as WebGL" or "test as Flash", the website and files generated by the editor are still opened in the local browser, but not served directly from the disk (via file:://), but through the CopperCube application (via http://), which acts as local web server. This way, it is much easier to develop WebGL and Flash content with Chrome and IE, which are blocking local file access by default. Also, JavaScript extensions will run in the Flash target that way.
Most people probably won't even notice this change - apart from the fact that now all WebGL runs without hassle - but it's amazing what functionality now is hidden behind a single click in order to run a WebGL scene from the editor.


Good work!

I hope you did find a good existing embeddable web server in C/C++. Back in the days I clicked together something similar in Borland C++ and Indy (which has an embeddable HTTP server). That said, I have written my own HTTP server -- it's just too much fun :).
2013-11-23 18:40:00

Yes, also, writing HTTP servers isn't too difficult :)
2013-11-27 08:54:00

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