Windows, Mac OS X, Diesel and Petrol

Posted on:October 16 2013

I usually create Windows and Mac OS X versions of most of my software. Most people seem to think that with the right library, you only need to recompile your code for the other operating system, and everything automatically works perfectly, but this is seldom the case, and especially not for very complex software (what for example my 3D editor is). So there is still much work and testing involved for creating each version of a software. That's why I also sell separate licenses for my software. A license key for the Windows version of CopperCube won't work on the Mac OS X, and the other way round. Most people are OK with this, but for special cases, if they already own a license for one operating system and if they ask, I give a discount for the second license, of course.
Recently, one customer didn't like this after he switched from using a Windows PC to an Apple Mac, and demanded to get the second license for free. I explained to him that this is a separate software, that it needs a lot of work, basically what I just wrote above, but he didn't seem to understand. I noticed that this guy was selling cars, so I tried to explain him the problem this way:
"If you buy a full tank filling of petrol for your car, and then switch to a car which works with diesel instead of petrol, you also wouldn't go back to the gas station, comlaining that your new diesel car doesn't work with the petrol you bought previously, and demand a free tank filling of diesel. "

Maybe not the best analogy, but I think it could be understood that way.


well it does make sense to me
what did he say?
2013-10-16 16:23:00

Didn't get an answer yet. :)
2013-10-17 07:37:00

i like the analogy, because it is simple :-)

though i guess your software still doesn't consume anything. maybe use wheel rims, exhaust pipes or somewhat like that (kind of "I like the Skoda chassis far more than the Fiat one, but I want the Fiat interior"... also a bad analogy. maybe you should instead go for drinks, everyone knows drinks. especially car salesmen. drinks are also soft, in a way.)
2013-10-17 09:10:00

...but effectively (right when clicking post something crosses the mind) you could have asked if he got the money for the Windows PC back when we went to the AppleStore for a Mac.
2013-10-17 09:11:00

That is a pretty fair explanation. I have both licences and was happy to pay but some people out there just seem to want something for nothing.
2013-10-17 09:40:00

My old boss always said to me: "explain everything with cars ... the people will understand it much better" So I do for the last years and it still works fine ;-)
2013-10-17 22:05:00

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