Why MEL sucks

Posted on:April 20 2005

I am now programming MEL for about 3 years. And after this time, I think that I am allowed to say: MEL sucks.
It is, of course a powerful thing. You can do nearly everything in Maya with it. And it has a real great documentation, which is being improved with every new release. But it sucks as language. The biggest problem is that you can do hundreds of different things with the same command. For example the 'file' command. You can query and set filenames, read, write, export, open and create new scenes, export animations, list references, change file options and a lot more. All with one single command. So besides some general flaws in the language itself, it is the API design of MEL with really sucks in my opinion. So here's a clue to the Alias guys: How about creating a wrapper for this in a programmer friendly programming language of your choice? Take a look at Softimage XSI: That thing can be scripted in JScript, VBScript, PerlScript, Pythonscript, etc. And they use object orientated approaches. Would be cool to see something like that in Maya soon, instead of this crippled MEL.


i totally agree! i like the way scripting is integrated into maya but mel is so quirky. something like python in maya would be great.
2005-04-21 15:34:00

Softimage|XSI is one of the best 3D modeling and Animation tools my team has used. It is very powerful and one of the cheapest out there. Give it a try you wont be sorry.
2005-04-24 17:23:00

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