Breaking Bad DVD Box deception

Posted on:September 23 2013

Bought and watched the fifth season of Breaking Bad. But there are only 8 episodes inside. And the story ends abruptly in the last episode. Searching the web, it becomes clear that the DVD box of the "fifth season" only contains the first half of the fifth season. It doesn't say this anywhere the box. No where. Isn't this fraud? Reading the comments on, most people seem to be upset, just like me. I'll probably going to bring the box back and demand my money back.
Also: Does anybody remember the times when a full season contained 24 or at least 22 episodes? Those where the times...


Or you can grab remainder of season from random torrent site and call it even
2013-09-23 11:44:00

Yes, it seems to me that you could totally sue them if they don't give you your money back.
2013-09-23 16:45:00

Well the fifth season isn't finished yet. The last episode airs on sunday.
Some people call the second half of the 5th season the 6th, but this is definitly not correct. If I were you I would really demand my money back.

However, keep in mind that the episodes are all double length, so 8 episodes is not that short.
Kai Mast
2013-09-23 21:38:00

Keepd im mind that TV is the new cinema. The reason for that is
that at the moment only super hero douchebags are shown in cinema. There are no real stories about people. Therefore is TV now.

Yes the episode count is less then in the past, but the quality is better then ever. That means also the costs are much higher.

For example "House of Cards", the next big thing after Breaking Bad costs 50 million per season.
2013-09-24 23:48:00

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