WLAN in my house

Posted on:September 25 2005

Yipee, only two weeks after I've started to pollute the building where I live in a radius of about 300 meters with WLAN waves, the first foreign PC tried to connect. Yeah, so this is not the only appartement using WLAN anymore. I already was a bit afraid of living in an environment without people using such technologies like internet, wlan, etc. :) Ok, the other possibility is that only someone with a notebook and activated wlan card drove past our house. Hm.


I live in suburban America, so WLAN is actually pretty normal around here. Only difference is that most of these people have the people from the store set it up, and usually, they don't have any protection enabled. :-(
2005-09-25 12:44:00

Yeah.. I did a wardrive on my way to work last Friday for the heck of it. It's a 10 mile drive through suburbia, mustly. Netstumbler hit 192 points. About half were unprotected.

During lunch, I park at Sonic (fast food) and use some nearby companies unprotected connection to hit the internet.
2005-09-26 19:51:00

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