CopperCube for Game Developers Beta released

Posted on:May 31 2013

I just released CopperCube 4.0.4, and it also includes the feature complete beta version of the announced extension and scripting System. I named it "CopperCube for Game Developers", for simplicity.
Basically, I made it possible on all targets (Flash, WebGl, Windows .exe, Mac OS X .app and Android apps) to run JavaScript code, and exposed the same JavaScript API on it. Additionally, everything was wrapped into an extension mechanism, so that scripts can be put into 'Action' or 'Behavior' form, edited without programming in the editor and downloaded and shared via the internet.

Now that it is implemented, the system works nicely, as I have seen so far. I also wrote a few actions and behaviors with it, and put them up on the website available for download. I'm curious how it will be used, and if people start creating their own behaviors to share with others or not.
You can test the system by getting CopperCube 4.0.4. An overview of the scripting system and its API can be read here.


Sounds cool!
2013-05-31 09:19:00

Only one comment?
I tried the open scripting system and this is a big step forward.
Great job, well done. One language JS for all targets.
I hope for similar approach with shader system.
2013-06-12 13:31:00

Yes, let's see :)
2013-06-13 10:15:00

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