SearchCode and Bug or Censorship on /r/programming

Posted on:March 08 2013

Do you know SearchCode? It is a nice little search engine for source code. Since Google CodeSearch has closed some time ago, I didn't use any code search engine anymore, because I didn't like the alternatives I tried. Their URL was to long or difficult to remember, and their UI was to complex. Today, I found SearchCode, and I liked it very much. So much that I immediately bought an Ad on their pages in order to support their work.
I also posted a link to it on /r/programming, as I sometimes do when I find or blog something which might be interesting for fellow programmers. Strangely, my post on reddit instantly disappeared. It's still linked in my user submission list, but doesn't appear on neither the 'new' or 'hot' lists of /r/programming. This already happened a few times before for me, always on /r/programming, not on other subreddits. Wondering if there is some harsh, strange censorship going on? Or is it just a bug?


It could be the fault of the automated spam filter for new submissions. Message the moderators of the subreddit.
2013-03-08 17:34:00

You are right, I just did. Let's see.
2013-03-09 09:48:00

Hi, Author of searchcode here,

Thanks for the write up, post on reddit and the ad! Its really appreciated. searchcode is still very much a labour of love (one I get a lot of use out of) so hearing about people liking it really motivates me to continue working on it.

I already mentioned it over twitter, but if you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to email me and im more then happy to chat about it.

Ben Boyter
2013-03-13 05:35:00

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