CopperLicht 1.6

Posted on:January 30 2013

Finally, I've also finished the update for my free WebGL 3D engine, CopperLicht. I just released version 1.6, which has all the features from CopperCube 4: Particle Systems, Mobile2D input nodes, extended Overlay2D node with nicer API and multi-line text support and more. I also speeded up billboard rendering by about 600% (measured a few times with Chrome), because I now don't construct and destruct vertex buffers anymore senselessly.

I also updated its website a bit, hope it doesn't look that crappy anymore. :)
Additionally, I've also created a small update for CopperCube, it's now at version 4.0.1. Although it was tested extensively, there are always a few bugs which get spotted by users after the release. Nice side-effect: Generated Android apps are now much faster, and can load about twice as many textures. I'll blog about how I did that soon in more detail.

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