Mobile Game Engines Interviews

Posted on:January 11 2013

Jason Brownlee from did a short interview with me, mainly about the 3D game engine stuff I am working on. He did the same with 21 other developers and now published this interview compilation as a book: Mobile Game Engines: Interviews with Mobile Game Engine Developers.
If you are working with mobile game engines or planning to create one yourself, this might be an interesting read for you. It's already available as eBook, and Paperpack on, but also soon on, as it seems.
Talking about books: Did you already take a look at the book I wrote? It's in german, science fiction, and also available on Amazon. :)


Just bought your book. Hope you get some revenue out of it. Learned C++ (mainly) thanks to your Irrlicht. Altough I am not doing a lot of game programming anymore, it felt good to support you.
Kai Mast
2013-01-11 16:50:00

Many thanks! Hope you like it :)
2013-01-11 18:43:00

Do you plan to release your book in English?
2013-01-12 16:21:00

No, my english isn't that good unfortunately, and it's not worth giving it to a translator for now (costs very much)
2013-01-13 08:20:00

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