Preinstalled crap on Android phones

Posted on:November 21 2012

For testing, I just bought a new Samsung Android phone. I started it up and went straight to enabling the Debug option. And I'm not planning to use it for other things than testing, but there is one thing I noticed: The amount of crap Samsung put onto that phone is incredible. Samsung Account? AccuWeather? SamsungApps? AllShare? Buddies? DigitalWatch? DualClock? The list counts about 40 entries. You are not even able to uninstall all this crap.
It's just like a new Windows PC with all this senseless apps like Norton-Antivirus on it, unable to remove it without destroying your setup. But worse. Not sure why Samsung is doing this. It's not really improving the user experience...


CMII, but you can root it and uninstall those crapware or use adb to remove the files. That's what I did with my Samsung droid.
2012-11-21 12:43:00

you are just complaining because you usually stay indoors, do not share with all, do not have buddies and do not care too much about how late it is ;-) not sure what SamsungApps and Samsung Account are good for however...
2012-11-21 13:04:00

My HTC one X was the same. Although I could just ignore most of it its still annoying, and spends data costs downloading updates to things I don;t use and can't remove.

My next phone will likely be a google nexus of some kind for this very reason.
John Burton
2012-11-21 15:07:00

I shifted all the apps to a folder I named "Bloatware" and never had to think about them again. Remember to turn off Samsung App's autoupdate notification too.
2012-11-21 15:51:00

Some things we'll never understand, for example, that you mentioned, or even because HTML uses the most ugly, slow and unstable language on the planet? why not use C # or even actionscript?
2012-11-21 16:29:00

@Daniel actually I wouldn't consider actionscript (at least its previous, most likely incompatible versions) any less ugly... or faster for that matter (i think the third point is implied now). yep, there was some effort going into improving either point, and the same for javascript, just takes longer to have several implementations get up to speed (and there are disagreements obviously).

C# agreeably has some niceness, although it still is more cumbersome to carry out simple tasks with it. And then there is the issue of whether you mean the core language or also the standard runtime library that comes with it - where JS is considerably less bloaty.

actually i don't see the connection.
2012-11-21 17:20:00

Hi Niko,
Can it be that that you fallowed an adv/trend targeting _EVERAGE_ consumer? Just think about it. You bought _new_ Samsung phone. And its target audience is not developers. It is users. Potential iPhone users mostly. So what did you expect? Empty phone with no app. That exactly what I've got when bought my NexusS - only integrated search bar and Market(now renamed in to Play! to confuse web searches with development framework I guess :))
2012-11-22 10:09:00

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