A bank just told me they are sorry

Posted on:November 15 2012

Followup to my Letter to the Bank Austria: Today, they actually called me, and told me how sorry they are and that this was a big mistake, and so on. They at least tried to excuse this fail about a dozen times, it was quite embarrassing. Additionally, they now offered me to drop my account maintenance charge for 3 months. Which actually reminded me that I even pay for giving them my money. Hm.
Sounded to me like they are afraid of loosing a lot of customers.


I've never gone for paid accounts, it didn't seem worth it (at least for ones offered here). As a general policy, if I'm not gaining anything by having an account with a bank then I leave.

For example, I had an account for many years with a particular bank and then they stopped paying interest, so I looked at my options and moved elsewhere. If they're not giving me something then there's no advantage to using them. Loyalty is only sensible to the extent that they're willing to show it back to you.
2012-11-15 18:35:00

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