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Posted on:October 18 2012

So finally I tried out the beta of Minerwars, a game I was quite excited with, at least from the videos I have seen. Unfortunately, I didn't like the game at all. I have some fairly decent hardware, but the game ran incredible slow on it. So slow, I had to use the lowest graphics settings, and then, you weren't able to distinguish anything in the game. Maybe it was slow because it appears to me the game was written in some .NET language. (Saw it installing the latest .NET framework.) Who knows. But then, besides the slow performance and the resulting bad graphics, the gameplay was everything but fun. I played through all games of the Decent series, but Minerwars was a bit frustrating. Already in the first level, you get confronted with so many enemies, so few powerups and ammo, and so much options. I died three times. I then gave up.

Anyway, after that disappointment I then proceeded to buy the just released remake of XCom:Enemy Unknown. I played through the original game in 1994, and I loved it. Fortunately, Firaxis did a really great job in recreating this game with todays technology. It's still the same fun. Most of the options you had in the original game are there, and it makes you to be afraid some of your crew members in the game might die. With limited free time I probably need a bit for playing through that one, but it looks like this will be fun. I really can recommend that game.


oh, good when XCom is nice!
did they also keep the savegame format as it was, so by inserting a random byte in the beginning you can kind of upgrade your weapons stash? our would i put some real effort into cheating this time? (admittedly i never played it without cheating, it was just too much fun to blow away Aliens with incredibly powerful and collateral damage causing weapons)
2012-10-18 14:44:00

I can totally recommend the new XCom, too! Firaxis really did a great job of keeping the spirit of the original alive.
Stefan Reinalter
2012-10-19 09:26:00

... but I don't think it goes so far that they kept the savegames in the same structure.. :)
2012-10-19 13:50:00

.NET isn't that much slower than C++. If the game ran that badly, its because it is badly written, not because of the programming language. You can have .NET games with cutting edge graphics that run smoothly.
2012-10-19 14:57:00

I know, I use .Net frequently myself, it's impressively fast. Yet I have to see a good game with great graphics been programmed with it. Probably because most game devs are old C++ people, like me. :)
2012-10-19 16:42:00

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