Advertising gone wrong

Posted on:July 25 2012

I know, it's not that important, but after seeing it at least twenty times now, I got a bit annoyed. For at least a week, this ad is currently running on this blog via Adwords/Adsense:

It is german, and reads translated:
HeadingLine 1Line2

And adsense being adsense, I've seen this ad on other websites now as well. Someone should probably tell the poor guys of that they are currently wasting their money on a wrongly entered ad? I hope they didn't pay an expensive ad agency for advertising that way :)


Well, i guess "being stupid" is a valid reason to block a company from advertising on your page ;)
2012-07-25 12:27:00

2012-07-25 13:33:00

Hmm.. The Ad just used you and your popularity to spread to me. I do know now that a company called 'biotherm' exists. Maybe that was the idea behind this 'stupid' Ad (Which would be a really neat trick;)
Julien Koenen
2012-07-25 22:12:00

Probably it is deliberately done?? Come to think about it, you 99.9% never looked and of course never remember typical ad - but with this ad, you now know there is a website named, and the name sticks with you for a week or so ;)
2012-07-29 18:16:00

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