Posted on:June 27 2012

I wonder if it would be OK to create a mail filter which automatically moves an incoming mail into the spam folder, if the mail body contains the word 'SEO'. Would anybody ever send me a mail with that word in it, and I would want to read that mail? Hm...


Once all the lazy morons and scammers figured out that all they had to do was SAY that they knew SEO instead of actually knowing what it was, then that was it. I've talked to so many people who casually mention it to seem like they know their stuff, then when I ask them what exactly is it that they do I get this:

"Well, it's's not an easy thing, these days....the, well, you have your search engine of course, and then optimizing it can out your bandwidth networking?"

The only things worse than that are web developers that do nothing but use templates and people that think the monitor is the computer itself.
2012-06-27 12:44:00

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