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Posted on:May 18 2012

I was quite late when I entered the shop for buying my Diablo III copy just before the official holiday on Wednesday: All shops were closing and there were only a few minutes before also this one would close. When I passed the register on my way to the games and DVD section, there was one guy waiting for the cashier. A Diablo III box was lying in front of him. Seeing this, I relaxed a bit. This shop had Diablo III, yay! The day tomorrow would be safe. :) The guy waiting for the cashier also saw my look and grinned, he probably understood that also I was going to get a Diablo III copy.
At the games section, I began to become a bit nervous: I could not find the usual pile of the new games, especially not the supposed one with the Diablo III games. I searched the section up and down. No Diablo III. Finally, I went forward and asked the cashier.

"Do you have Diablo III? I cannot find it.", I asked.
She pointed at the guy who had grinned at me just before.
"That one just catched the last one", she said.

D'oh. He had grinned at me because he knew. Schadenfreude. :)
At least the official holiday yesterday had become slightly more productive than planned, and I was able to work a bit on the next update for CopperCube instead. :)


you know, you can buy the game online.

i actually prefer it these days. no need to stuff my place with useless boxes
2012-05-18 12:54:00

I know, I even already have a account, but I still prefer also having a phyiscal copy. Not only because my internet connection is very slow.. :)
2012-05-18 15:42:00

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