Mission accomplished

Posted on:September 05 2005

So finally I'm moved and have internet again. I like the new appartment a lot, everyday I wake up it feels like waking up in a hotel. So now there are about 40 mails waiting for me to answer them. In the mean time, a short update of the current mission targets:

[x] new appartment()
[x] new job()
[ ] new girlfriend()

Looks like the most difficult part is still waiting for me, but as long as the girlfriend's constructor isn't private.. :-)


I moved recently and didn't have internet for 2 days. I felt like I was in prison or something. All I did was sit around staring at the wall and waiting. Glad to see you made it thru OK :)
2005-09-05 08:34:00

The girls constructor will be private, but maybe you get access to her properties :-)
2005-09-05 11:58:00

@[Declassified]: I moved a few months ago and didn't have internet for about 4 months, until, well today. One hint: a good thing to do during that time is to read. In the past months, I read more (non-computer) books than in the last two years before. So, I think, that internet-less time was really worth it.

@Niko: usually, the girlfriend constructor is quite often called when you least expect it. And to keep on talking using these comparisons: apply design patterns, a GirlfriendFactory would be quite nice. ;-)
2005-09-05 15:19:00

Just look for ones that have nice accessor methods.

Or if you are looking for a long term relationship look for something like this:

class Girlfriend: public Mother {
bool GirlFriend::IsTheOne() {
return this.IsHotNow() && super.IsHotNow();
2005-09-05 19:19:00

2005-09-18 04:11:00

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