Irrlicht Book giveaway over

Posted on:December 14 2011

I know, the giveaway for the Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine Beginner's Guide is over now, and I hope packtpublishing will send the winners their books. I've contacted them about it but haven't heard back from them for a week now. So just let me know if you haven't received your book.


I was contacted yesterday - I won a copy! I'm very excited and of course replied to them as soon as I saw the email today. Thanks for having the giveaway!
Richard Carter
2011-12-15 06:57:00

I expected to find more directly Irrlicht-related stuff here. And as this seems to be one of the more on-topic posts, I wondered if you could write more on the development of Irrlicht itself. There are projects relying on Irrlicht, and it's sad to see so little news trickling out about the upcoming 1.8 release.

Sorry for the harsh critique, but the lack of any recent stable release means that development news would be the way to keep us updated on the progress.
2011-12-19 03:45:00

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