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Posted on:November 19 2011

Should I try google plus? Right now, I don't feel like I want to. I already use Facebook, Twitter and this Blog to communicate, adding another channel feels too much. Although I like the design and slightly different concept behind google plus. Let's see, later maybe?


trade facebook for diaspora ( in example )
2011-11-19 11:54:00

I'm joined Facebook because I found it interesting (years ago...). Now I'm still on Facebook, because everyone else is there. I'm on Google Plus because I need "social media competence" for my job, and for now I find it better than facebook, it's more clean and less cluttered with nonsense than facebook (but I suppose google is hard working to mend that). And now with google pages I can find the same sites on google as on facebook, just a little better somehow.
I'm on diaspora (, but since few other poeple I know are there (which is because noone they know is there), I'm not overly active.
Also, I have not found a good way to post to all sites at once, which would be very useful to maintain three social networks.

So, my recommendation would be: Join Diaspora, have a look at Google Plus, then decide.
2011-11-19 12:43:00

using both and g+ is much more convinient to me, especially whith latest integration in google reeder and other products. so this is a matter of friends cluster size in both services imho :)
2011-11-19 13:03:00

Artists of many types seem to get on well in G+, using it as another way to maintain a web presence (with the circles essentially being "people I want to show my work to" in different combinations). To be honest though, I haven't heard very much praise for it from individuals who don't have a business to promote. In the end, all these sites are the same thing, it's not an area that anyone is innovating in at the moment.

tl;dr - Pick whichever site your friends are already on and stay there.
2011-11-20 14:50:00

Hi Nikolaus Gebhardt
I am working as R & D engineer in one of the software company and i am not belongs to game development , but we came across requirement where we want someone to create game for us and we want to integrate that game with our application and the game will be car racing.let me know whether you people develop game based on requirement?
Prasad Basutkar
2011-11-21 06:33:00

Ok, I'll see.. So no change for now. :)
@Prasad: please contact me via mail for things like that, see
2011-11-21 20:17:00

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