Sandboxing starting on March 1st

Posted on:November 03 2011

Apple just announced that starting with March 1st, all apps submitted to the Mac App Store must implement sandboxing. Previously rumors told that the date for this would be November 1st, a few days ago. So this gives developers a bit of time, and maybe also Apple the possibility to refine their broken sandboxing a bit until then. Sandboxing is intended to be Apple's way to protect users from evil applications, limiting them to write and read random files from and to the disk, and to do other potential harmful stuff. Now, apps will only be able to access files outside of the sandbox after asking the user for permission. Unfortunately, this also makes a lot of types of applications pretty senseless. For example if your app is needing to write out a few hundreds of files, it is not feasible to ask the user to confirm all hundred file names manually. Curious how this will go on.


But you must be able to create/write/read files inside your own sandbox without the users permission?

This is how it works on the Win Mobile, and I didnt notice any problems there with the sandbox. Although I dont know how Apple's version is working...
2011-11-03 09:08:00

This is just another symtpom of the slow and steady devolution of the Mac from a production machine to a lifestyle accessory.

First Apple kills the powerful software (Shake, FCP7), then it makes it impossible to do anything productive with 3rd party software.

Apple are only interested in mobile devices in the hands of computer-illiterate consumers. That's where the big money is.
2011-11-09 01:40:00

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