How to attract girls

Posted on:August 30 2005

Because I am currently relocating and just received the key to my new appartement, I immediately went down to the subway and visited my new home. And because I don't trust the moving company, I took serveral valuable stuff with me. Valuable stuff consisting of network and power cables, some software and my notebook. But I also took one non computer related thing with me, namely Krimhild (she looks a bit like on the picture below). And while I was standing there in the subway, with Krimhild next to me, lots of people were staring and pointing at me, even more than I'm used to. Even two girls (independently) approached me and asked me some things. All because of the presense of Krimhild. So I came to the conclusion: If you ever try to get or attract girls using various items, forget stuff like cars, money, or muscles. Try carnivorous plants, it works.


In the library, you can lay a PowerBook on the table, and wait for girls come and ask you to recharge their iPod. It works :D
Julio Gorg&eacut
2005-08-30 21:43:00

as a girl, i can only confirm this. guys with plants are cool. :)
2005-08-31 09:13:00

good idea, I'll try it out hehhehe!
2005-08-31 17:28:00

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