Posted on:October 19 2011

I just came across eigen, a C++ library for Matrices, Vectors and similar. It supports SSE (and others for other platforms) and does this on the fly, with lots of template magic. I currently don't need anything like this, but it's quite interesting reading its documentation: Quite amazing what's going on beneath. It has the same problem as all heavily template based libraries, it's source is incredible complicated and difficult to comprehend if you are not willing to sacrifice a lot of time for this, but still very interesting. If you are looking for a math library, probably worth a look.


There is another similar library - cml: http://cmldev.net/
2011-10-19 15:15:00

Hi Niko,
It's really interesting if you want to test your own maths function against it. But, even using SSE, it's not made to help game programers, its goal is accuracy not speed.
I tested it against my own SSE implementation (using only 4x4 matrices and 4D vectors) an my implementation is 12x faster !
Eigen uses templates to support matrices of any size, its concept is great and easy to use but it doesn't worth the use in a game project.
2011-10-25 15:29:00

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