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Posted on:September 08 2011

With the new 3D demos I'm creating, the amount and types of demos are becoming a bit confusing, especially for me personally and for the website where I need to link them from: There are huge demos, served from external webservers, demos on the normal server, regular WebGL demos with multiple files, flash demos for flash player 9, newer demos for flash player 10, and some which require the not yet released flash player 11. All this now creates a big mess, and it has become a bit of a pain in the *** to maintain all these.

So I set down for an hour and wrote a nice little PHP script to manage all these. The result is this:

With the next update of the Ambiera website, this script will manage all the demos, and as you can see on the screenshot above, it will even know if there are multiple versions of a demo and ask the user which one to show.
Not a big change for visitors to the website, but certainly a big help for me personally. It's definately worth knowing a bit of HTML and PHP from time to time.

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