IEWebGL 1.0 released

Posted on:August 19 2011

The Iplugin for making WebGL work also in Microsofts browser 'Internet Explorer', IEWebGL, has been just released in version 1.0. It works in IE8, IE9 and the IE10 previews. This is a great step for WebGL, meaning apps using pure Javascript based 3D graphics will now run on all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, InternetExplorer, and soon also Opera.

I will start using this plugin on for the WebGL demos soon. I also like the business model of IEWebGL: basically it's freeware, but for showing WebGL content in IE on your domain without overlay, you need to get a relatively cheap developer license.


lol at the comment spam
2011-08-19 22:14:00

I remember once there was a blogpost on how awesome his javascript-spamprotection was :D
Kai Mast
2011-08-20 00:31:00

i dont understand. it's a plugin for the browser, but the owner of the website needs to pay for the use? so it doenst enable webgl on just any website that uses webgl?

i think this is pretty much worthless since people who use ie wont bother installing plugins to get webgl to work. or maybe they just install anything some website tells them too... not sure ;)
2011-08-20 00:38:00

I think it will work as for most plugins in IE: people will have no idea that they just installed a plugin. They simply click OK on everything.
2011-08-24 09:30:00

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