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Posted on:August 12 2011

I'm currently working on a new feature in CopperCube, which requires some similar icons to the ones already used in the editor. So I have to diversify both a bit, resulting in new icons also for the existing features. Having repainted them about 3 times now, and having looked at them now at least 500 times, I'm not sure anymore if they are brilliant or absolutely crap:

What do you think? Are the icons ok?
I generally have the problem that looking at art repeatedly, I'm not able to tell anymore if the artwork is nice or not. Works the same for icons, logos and website designs. Maybe that's why I'm such a bad artist. :)


Looks fine to me. However you light consider inveting in some stock icons or ordering customized icons from a professional. That's not cheap but look end feel can be vastly improved specially for novice users
2011-08-12 09:33:00

looks good to me too.
2011-08-12 09:57:00

IMHO: New ones seems to be ok :) old are more "clear", may be you can try to low saturation of that cube behind symbols to make them more visibility... just imho!
2011-08-12 10:01:00

Also already thought about letting an artist handle that, maybe really worth a try.
I already lowered the saturation for the cubes a bit, but true, maybe I could do this again a bit.
2011-08-12 10:05:00

Niko, I think they look ok, but not pro-looking. If you are re-working icons I would also like to see the boring CopperCube startup icon changed to a more golden or copper-like color :)
2011-08-12 14:28:00

One more thing... if you are looking for some icon help, this guy "Jojo Mendoza" is one of the best icon makers I've seen. He's available for custom work from his site http://www.deleket.com/icons.html
2011-08-12 15:03:00

Agree on the cubes, they obscure the icon's meaning. From a quick glance I wouldn't be able to see what I'm clicking on.
2011-08-12 20:37:00

Minor point, but I find icons that contain a cursor arrow within them (i.e. lower-leftmost icon) to be mildly visually distracting since the cursor itself is so, well, "iconic" :)

Overall, though, I agree with the prior comments: the icons look good, but might be worth getting a professional set of icons. Seems like there should be a good set of stock icons out there somewhere that'd be available for a minimal licensing fee and would work well.
2011-08-15 22:07:00

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