Duke Nukem Forever first impression

Posted on:June 11 2011

Hell just froze over and Duke Nukem Forever has been released. And of course, I bought my copy and tried it out already. In the german version, Duke talks with the voice of Bruce Willis, which is funny, but completely destroys the atmosphere. Luckily, you can change the game back to English in the settings menu in steam. It would be so great if all games would support this. German translations are in many cases really bad and annoying.
Anyway, I played a few minutes through DNF already, and yay: It's the game I've been waiting for 15 years now. The game is not great, and from a technical point of view, it even sucks. It's slow as hell while drawing 3D models which look as if they were animated and modeled by beginner 3D artists, but anyway: it's Duke Nukem! The game has lots of fun parts and ideas and Duke talks exactly the senseless stuff I was hoping for. Nice. :)


So, essentially, the best you can say is "It's Duke Nukem!" and "senseless". Well, I might say, it could be worse. But I don't know how :(
2011-06-11 14:57:00

To be honest here, nostalgia is the only thing going for the game, right? The story, graphics, and sense of humour are outdated, and it seems like the only way to enjoy this is to rewind the last two decades and pretend you're playing Duke Nukem 3D again. I *did* play 3D and enjoyed it immensely, but I was still turned off from this as soon as I saw gameplay footage.

On the other hand, if you're enjoying it then go with it. Neither me nor anyone else can take that away from you :-)
2011-06-12 13:57:00

While I can COMPLETELY understand the faults this game has, I will still play it, on principle at this point. Its Duke Nukem Forever after all.
Home Inspector E
2011-06-14 08:35:00

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