The Pale Blue Dot

Posted on:March 27 2011


..and somehow depressing.


I know what you mean. Everyday i think about these things, and everyday i'm stunned about the stupidity of the individual and of society. We are just a tiny little thing in the universe with absolutely no meaning. We exist only a fraction of a split second, and yet here we are with all our great manners, Magnify our own existence an infinite times. It really funny when you look at the economy we built, and what it is based on. Really funny but really sad too. Very sad.

We think we are so smart, but we are so ignorant, it will become our own death. Recent events in Japan illustrate how the great things on earth we create have the power to destoy us. And someday it will happen. Bilions of years of evolution, and we manage to fuck it all up in only a few 100 years. Lets not fool ourselves by thinking that we will still be alright in another 200, because we wil NOT!

That beeing said, it doesn't really matter. As you can see in that vid, we are a tiny little dot with absolutely no meaning. When humankind is gone, the earth won't care. When the earth is gone, will the universe care?
2011-03-27 19:53:00

Well evolution means trying out things and throw them away if they don't work. Mankind didn't work so we are about to be thrown away ;)
2011-03-28 06:13:00

No ... we are not thrown away ... we throw ourselfes away.
2011-03-29 08:21:00

It's true that evolution goes on with those that adapt best to the environment. The sad part is that we as humans are very capable to adapt, but instead we do the opposite because it provides short term benefits for some. But who cares, we will be long gone when something bad happens. Or wait ... maybe not.
2011-03-29 20:45:00

That's because we all forget about our destination to test our souls in the Face of God for the endless live.

People try to store needless riches and think that never dies.

Funny and sad(
2011-03-30 08:20:00

And if you really cared, you'd be studying hard to become scientists to create the technology of the future that could save us.
Instead, you're making games and websites and commenting on forums, trying to fit in, trying to tell the world your unoriginal opinions matter.
If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
Don't forget to Tweet as the world burns around you.
2011-04-05 00:32:00

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