Why WebGL doesn't work in Firefox 4 on some systems? Solution here.

Posted on:March 22 2011

Finally, Firefox has been released in version 4. This release also includes WebGL, yay! So if you try out some demos, like the WebGL Demos of CopperCube, and it tells you that your browser doesn't support WebGL, this might be because Firefox thinks your 3D drivers are too old. There are two solutions for this:

  • Either: Enter "about:config" in the browser adress bar, hit enter, end enter "webgl" in the filter field. Change the value "webgl.force-enabled" to 'true' (simply double click it). That's it.
  • Or: Update to newer 3D graphics drivers.

So, great, now creating 3D content for the web is pretty simple. Try out CopperCube once you have some time. ;)


Nice to see a new version of Firefox, it was about time. 3.6 did feel hopelessly old running on windows 7. The WebGL demos seems to work better in Chrome :/
2011-03-22 18:49:00

Hi Niko,
I got very jerky FPS for WebGl Quake 3 Level both with Chrome And FFox 4.
If I change window size of Chrome /1024*756 for example/ and restart chrome browser in not maximized mode when run demo, all is ok - very smooth FPS. Unfortunately, this trick have not any affect with FFox.
Have you suggested something as this? Any ideas about the reason?
2011-03-26 06:05:00

no idea. Obviously a firefox bug. You could report it to them to improve their performance.
2011-03-27 18:46:00

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