Awesome Hacker

Posted on:January 26 2011

After overcoming various troubles caused by the GNU build system for building a specific library, I was confused that the library finally was built, but nowhere to be found. A bit of investigation revealed that the library indeed was ready, but intentionally moved into a hidden directory by the script. For whatever reason. But it is always great spending senseless hours in the command line. With all the scrolling cryptic lines of strange text, for average people passing by it looks like you are an awesome hacker.


Call 'make install', that will move it to the proper system directory and call ldupdate if necessary. But indeed, I also tend to manually move the libs out of the libtool directories. Just make sure that you use the actual library, and not the script files with the name of the lib.
2011-01-26 21:32:00

For avarage people someone who can compile a library with the GNU build system IS an awesome hacker ;)
2011-01-26 23:55:00

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