How to fail building a MMORPG

Posted on:December 10 2010

Just read this article: How to fail building a Massively multiplayer online game. Probably I liked that article especially because back then when they hired people I also went there (their company was located in Vienna) for a hiring interview together with some friends. But we decided not to work for them because most of the problems discussed in that article seemed quite obvious to us even back then. :)


i still remember 2002 was the time everybody talking about making an MMO :)
2010-12-13 02:28:00

There haven't been too many MMPORPG threads in the Irrlicht forum recently, but I remember some time back it seemed that everyone wanted to make one. Maybe people got more realistic ;)
2010-12-13 07:14:00

Ah, memories :-) Haven't seen Peter Reiterer for some time yet.
2010-12-13 11:16:00

yeah, true true, i remember when i've realised it myself that it is to complex for me as a beginner and how i showed that to other beginners to stop thinking they can write the new wow xD

greets psyco001
2010-12-13 15:52:00

I agree that making the new WoW as a beginner is completely preposterous. But I still maintain that even a beginner could create a small, niche MMOG. It is a lot of work, but it can be done. You really do need to know how to program, though. I mean, REALLY know.
2010-12-14 09:17:00

yeah haha i was also one of them (what a shame) who wanted to make an MMO back then (around 2004). although i failed to make one lol but that was a personal target which driven me into the game industry (i'm working freelance for a game company now, as a 3d artist). ahh, and a little bit of programming (irrlicht & c++), too. :)
2010-12-14 21:47:00

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