Upcoming Irrlicht Book

Posted on:November 25 2010

There is currently an Irrlicht Book in the making, it will be named "Irrlicht Realtime 3D engine Beginner's Guide", written by Johannes Stein. I am currently reviewing it, and if you are interested, you can already preorder that book.


This will make the Irrlicht all the more easy and better for the beginners, already it is the best engine for utter beginner. That is very good as, if there are no beginners then there will be no advanced users later on :)
kinjal kishor
2010-11-25 09:18:00

Cool. I don't consider myself as a beginner (neither Irrlicht nor general programming) any more, but I might get that book nevertheless.
2010-11-26 07:15:00

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