CopperCube 2.2 released

Posted on:November 18 2010

I just uploaded the latest release of CopperCube, version 2.2. If you don't know what it is [then you've probably never read this blog :)], it is a 3D editor for creating interactive 3D scenes as Windows .exe or Mac .app applications, or even Flash .swf or WebGL applications for your website. All without programming. One of the new features is a fake reflection material:

Controls: cursor keys to move, mouse to Look.

What you see there is still the old Flash 10 software renderer, once Adobe makes their Molehill 3D API public, this will be much nicer. CopperCube 2.2 also includes several other new features, such as actions for setting and changing variables, making it possible to make much more interactive 3d applications. I don't think it is turing complete yet, but maybe I've overseen a possibility. :)


wow, that's pretty impressive for software!
2010-11-18 15:24:00

Shiny! Suddenly it looks very sweet!
2010-11-19 02:03:00

Looks cool. I wish I had more time to check this out.
2010-11-19 07:35:00

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