Working on a new Material

Posted on:November 12 2010

This week, I started working on implementing a new material into CopperCube. The editor currently only supports three very basic materials (with variations), which seems to be enough for most people, but of course, more specialized materials would be nice. So the first new material I added was this one (warning: ugly, self-composed background music ;-) ):

It's a very simple fake reflecting material. Users familiar with Irrlicht will notice this is basically the EMT_REFLECTION_2LAYERS material. But it is a step forward, and making it easier for me to add more new materials, because I also had to extend the material editor window for this. For now, the material is only available in the editor, I have still to implement it in the WebGL and the Flash renderers.


Hack again?!
2011-02-04 12:35:00

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