3D Duck Hunting as Flash Game

Posted on:September 13 2010

Tim12345 just posted a game he made using CopperCube 2 into the forum. This one is a demo which kept me staring in surprise for about 2 minutes at the screen, because I could initially figure out how he did this. :) He claims he just clicked it together in the editor and didn't use any scripting, only the behaviors CopperCube provides. But try it for yourself:

Press 'F' to shoot, Cursor keys to move

I wasn't aware that CopperCube was able to do that with animated sprite billboards as well, because most stuff is designed to be done with real, 3D skeletal animated meshes. Especially the part where the duck dies and hits the floor wasn't clear to me in the beginning.
I am quite impressed that this is possible without any programming. And I shouldn't: I created that editor. Great work, tim12345 :)


F isn't cool for shooting. Space would be better.
2010-09-16 09:51:00

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