I'll never get my stargate game...

Posted on:August 13 2005

I'm still angry that I won't be able to play Stargate SG1 in the near future. I guess I'll have to buy a new DVD episode to compensate this ;) Here's a very interesting post of an alleged JoWooD employee which explains why Stargate was cancelled, and if this is true, I'm even a little bit more angry now. Copied from here:

I'm a cost-analyst that works for JoWood; my job consists of working out how much a project will cost, then grovelling to management to try to get a large enough budget. First, let me bring you up to speed on JoWood. Anyone who's bought one of our games knows we make woefully inferior, poorly funded crap; with little to no support after the game comes out. The management are totally clueless, as in completely out to lunch. JoWood has fallen on hard times and are always on the lookout on ways to reduce costs (of course the idea of actually improving our games never occurred to them). Why am I slagging them off? Well I've just got a job offer from a much better company so to hell with them.

Do you know why SG:Alliance was really cancelled? It's because some poor simpleton signed a contract stating that should the project not meet our standards, we reserve the right to renege on the whole deal. What's more, they'd have to reimburse us for all the money we invested and release all the assets associated with the project (i.e. the game). We planned to renege on the contract from the beginning. Don't you see, we have the developer make us the game for nothing. Once the game reached a certain point in development we'd say it wasn't up to spec and now not only do they have to hand over the game, but the developer has to pay us for all the money we spent on it.
How do you justify what they did to Perception? They're a low-budget developer, now saddled with a million dollar debt. That's lives ruined, not to mention all the people who will probably lose their jobs.

Let's hope that this is fake, or the world is really evil.


I guess that might be true.. in Spain there are some evil publishers as well, with abusive contract conditions which have led some small developers to bankrupcy...
Julio Gorg&eacut
2005-08-13 17:19:00

Am I allowed to hate JoWooD?
Those dump asses...
2005-08-13 17:43:00

They gave a reply on the forums. They say they don't even have cost analysts working for them. I too hope it's a fake.
2005-08-13 18:49:00

I would never believe this to be true. It *must* be fake.
2005-08-13 19:59:00

given the fact that we in austria (no kangaroos here) have always had a fair share of "devilish management personal", i'd suspect that this is true.
2005-08-14 04:27:00

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